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Daniel Foster, Foster Proofreading

With over 3 decades of experience in multiple industries, I bring an experienced and broad perspective to my work. As a picky consumer myself, I have an eye for detail and professionalism. Don't reach out to your customers until I've helped you polish your message!

Why You Need My Help

You've done the technical work, now it's time to make your brillant produce shine! What I do:✔ Punch-up and/or simplify language to make content palatable to your audience.
✔ Polish content for viewing on mobile devices.
✔ Look at content from the perspective of a critical consumer, and ask what your audience needs and expects from your product.
✔ Strengthen calls to action.

Daniel Foster, Foster Proofreading
Daniel Foster, Foster Proofreading

Client Reviews

"Fast and professional, and very responsive to questions. He's my one-stop proofing shop!"
– Jonathan Brilland, Development Manager
"Always happy with what I get, fast and quality!"
– Samantha Rogers, Marketing Specialist
"Very pleasant experience...easy to work with. In this industry that's not always easy to find."
– Geri Littleton, Editor


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